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Mud Spa

Body Glow

     60 minutes           $90

During this treatment we use a dry brush over the body followed by a refreshing sugar scrub after a quick shower then we hydrate the skin with a soothing body cream.

Dry Brush & Wrap

Add on only to massage or facial                                                                  $50

This treatment includes a dry brushing followed by a warm toning cactus wrap while you enjoy a foot and scalp massage

*this treatment does not include a shower

Honey Glaze Hand or Foot treatment

Add on to service only         $15 each

                                                           $20 Both

This treatment will soothe and rehydrate tired hands and feet.

Glow & Tone 

        90 minutes               $115

This treatment is a rejuvenating dry brushing and sugar scrub, after a quick shower you will return to the table to be wrapped in a warm toning gel while enjoying a foot and scalp massage.

Body Glow & Facial

90 minutes           $160

This signature treatment includes a dry brush, sugar scrub, followed by a warm hydrating wrap while enjoying an express facial.

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