Meet Our Team

Dean Hamilton, LMT

I’ve been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2007. I started doing massage therapy to help people feel better and put a smile on their face. I moved to the Sevierville area from Pikeville, KY in 2004 after graduating high school.  For a hobby, I’ve done mixed martial arts since 2003 and I fought competitively from 2006-2010, turning pro in 2008. After a broken jaw and my wife having our second child, three weeks later in 2010, I took time off to spend with the family and during that time our business really started to grow and I never looked back. I no longer fight but I do enjoy working out and running. Don’t let that side of my life worry you though, I only did it for the feeling of competition it gave.

When I’m working on a client the only thing that matters at that time is the client and their well-being. To my knowledge, I’ve never had an unsatisfied client. I’ve worked on people from teens to seniors. I tend to specialize working on athletes and average working people who are physically and emotionally stressed beyond normal amounts. When working on someone I can give as much or as little pressure as the client desires.

Cindy Hamilton, LMT

I am a Tennessee native, I grew up in Seymour. I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2015. That may not be a long time but don’t let that fool you after being married to Dean since 2008, and him working on me and me working on him some, I feel like I could’ve been licensed years ago.  I was a respiratory therapist before becoming a massage therapist. I decided to retire from that and come help Dean expand the business. I am so happy to have made this decision. Massage is a wonderful job and I love helping people feel great. 

Anna McCarter, LMT

My name is Anna McCarter. I was born and raised in Seymour,TN.

I live in Sevierville now with my husband Travis and our 3 awesome kids. I originally received my massage license from MTSU in 2005 but then retired my license in 2008 after the birth of my first child. I worked the next 9 years in the medical field directly with patients and doctors. I wanted something more and found myself turning back to massage therapy. With my passion for helping others, I knew that’s where I belonged. When I am not massaging, I enjoy going to church, running, and spending time with my family.

Amanda Collins, LMT

I grew up in Elizabethan, TN and found my way to Sevierville after relocating twice around the area. I feel that Sevierville is the best place for my career in massage therapy and hope to grow here! I found my way into massage therapy in 2015, after my 3rd semester in college due to needing a break from coursework to give myself some time to really figure out what I wanted. During my “break” from traditional school, I stumbled upon massage therapy school and enrolled, wanting a job that could provide not just financial stability but one that wouldn’t drain me out of mundanity. Massage therapy was appealing for those reasons. Also, the fact that at it’s core, it’s a skill set that  therapists seek because we really just want to help people feel better and I love that. This is such a personal and helpful skill to offer to a variety of clients, from those who are in pain or to those that just need permission to relax and find a space to breathe so that they can function at their optimal level in their personal lives. I enjoy doing this work and there is nothing better than when a client comes back because their previous session has brought them relief somehow!