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Our youngest daughter, Caitlin, and I, Dean, have been using this salt inhaler since February 2017. It's a great product to use anytime, anywhere. 

One of the best self massage tools that you can use to get to the, otherwise, hard to reach knots in your back and neck.

Foam Roller

One of my favorite tools to work on my legs. After any leg workout, or a run, this is a must! 

Sombra has been my go to topical analgesic since 2012! I love the orange aroma that it has. There is some of the menthol smell but it's not overwhelming like other products tend to be. The roll-on is great if you don't want to get your hands covered with it and you decide to get the gel, know that it goes on and works more like a lotion. I highly recommend Sombra!

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