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I love helping people feeling better. I've been in the health and wellness field for over a dozen years and I've had my own personal up and downs. I want to share the knowledge I've gained from countless hours of my own research and from the 13,000+ massages that I've done. I've seen a lot and learned a lot that will be able to help you! When I really started looking into health and wellness beyond just massage therapy, I really noticed how much there is out there to learn! I don't know everything but I'm learning everyday so I can help not only you, but myself and my family as well! Fair disclaimer here, I will be linking some products with an Amazon Affiliate link and if you buy anything from the links I will receive a small commission. It doesn't raise the price that you pay, it's simply like a referral reward that Amazon pays because of the traffic sent to them. I will only be discussing things have directly impacted me or my clients or someone I have a close relationship with. I plan to provide feedback relating to my knowledge on something at that time. I may change an opinion over time and if I do, I'll be honest about it and why. I look forward to helping you today, tomorrow and many years into the future! Dean

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