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Self Care is the Best Care

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

My go to self care tool is a foam roller. For me, a basic foam roller has always been good enough. There are one's like the Rumble Roller that have bumps and ridges and can get a lot deeper into the muscle but I've had good results, especially considering the price difference.

A Trigger Point Pro is a great tool to use to reach the knots in the back. It can be used for other areas on the body, but I primarily just use it for the traps, up into the neck, and back of the head.

For foot pain you can use a frozen bottle of water, a golf ball or a tennis ball. Just make sure to put a towel down for the frozen bottle so it won't sweat on the floor. Also, a towel will hold the golf ball into place, just put your foot directly on the ball with the towel keeping it from popping out. Roll your foot on the ball or bottle, I avoid the bony areas of the heel and the ball of the foot and of course use common sense with the pressure applied to the mid foot. This trick can help with foot pain caused by running or even just standing too long.

Meditation has helped me recently, just giving myself the time to sit and process ideas or think about nothing at all has been surprisingly beneficial. There are so many studies done about meditation, you can google and read for yourself but I'll just say it has helped more than I thought it would have!

Of course, I can't leave out massage therapy in this recommendation of self care, because there are just some things that you can't do for yourself. Massage is my favorite method, of course, but all of the above are high up on the list as well. Even something as simple as soaking in a tub, I like to use some aromatherapy bath salts as well. Going for a walk on a nice day or a hike in the mountains.

The biggest thing about self care is to make time for that, yourself. It's easy to go 90-100% all the time, I've learned to slow down a little through the years and it has made a huge difference! Just think about your car, if you always run the RPMs in the red, you may get to where you're going faster but sooner rather than later you're going to have trouble! Your body is the same way. You may know when to push, but more importantly we all need to learn when to slow down! You'll get a lot farther when you perfect that!


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